Director/Project Manager

Josh Large, Owner and Manager, is responsible for the overall operation of JLE Electrical including the oversee of finances, strategic planning and direction of the business into the future.

As a Project Manager, Josh’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing support to Project Supervisors and Maintenance Supervisors
  • Ensuring JLE OHS&E Management System is being utilised and constant communication exists with Clients and their representatives
  • Ensuring the overall quality, delivery time frame and budget is consistent every time, on every project.

General Manager & OHS&E Officer

The General Manager’s duties consist of the general day to day running of the business including:

  • Contract Document Control
  • OHS&E Complies with current Legislation
  • Supervising Administration Staff
  • Maintaining JLE Quality assurance system by liaising with and engaging the services of ISO 9001 Auditing Personnel
  • Constantly liaising with Project Managers, Supervisors & maintaining communication with all customers

Administration Manager

The Administration Manager provides ongoing support to the General Manager and Project Manager.

The role of this position includes:

  • Carry out all Creditor and Debtor Functions
  • Customer Service and Wages
  • Assistance to the company accountant
  • Maintaining company registers for Plant & Equipment, Staff, Staff Training and Refresher Training

Project Supervisor

The JLE Project Supervisor is responsible for the day to day running of a number of Projects.

Roles include:

  • Managing & allocating staff to particular tasks
  • Material procurement for each project
  • Maintaining a clear understanding of the Project delivery date and budget of materials and man hours
  • Undertaking these roles and responsibilities insures that all staff are complying with JLE’s OHS&E Policy’s and Procedures.

Maintenance Supervisor

JLE Maintenance Supervisor roles and responsibilities include:

  • Managing staff and allocating staff to perform particular tasks
  • Procurement of materials for each maintenance project
  • Monitoring and implementing the company’s OHS&E Policy’s and Procedures

Power Supervisor

JLE Power Supervisor roles and responsibilities include:

  • Working with Project Managers on cost and delivery dates
  • Managing and allocating staff to perform particular tasks
  • Procurement of materials
  • Insuring ITP Documentation is correctly completed for future reference
  • Liaise with Network Asset inspectors and client representatives to insure compliance with network or mining construction requirements as necessary.