JLE Electrical , as a Level 1 Authorised Service Provider, can provide a turnkey solution for all our Commercial and Industrial Clients. Our Services start from liaising with every authority and providing our Customers with a Certified Level 3 Design for our Overhead and/or Underground Power Line works, as well as supplying and installing the deidicated Transformer and/or Power Supply as required.

Breakdown of our Level 1 Overhead and Underground Services available:

  • Overhead Powerline Construction
  • Level 3 Certified Designs
  • Supply and Installation of Pole Mounted Substations
  • Overhead Transmission Line Construction
  • Underground High & Low Voltage Reticulation
  • Supply and Installation of Pad Mounted Substations
  • High & Low Voltage Jointing
  • Underground and Overhead High Voltage & Low Voltage Mining Applications 

Level 2 Underground and overhead Mains including metering.

Our Company continues our Service availability, as a Level 2 Authorised Service Provider, by supplying and installing Consumer Mains, Main Switchboards and every authority Metering Facilities as required, including Supply and Installation of final Sub Circuits and dedicated Protection Devices as required.