JLE Electrical as a Level 1 Authorised Service Provider, can provide a turnkey solution for all new residential and industrial subdivisions including installation of NBN pit and pipe works. Our Services start from liaising with every authority and providing our Customers with a Certified Level 3 Design for Underground Power works, as well as supplying and installing the complete job from substations to streetlights until the final commissioning. making sure the completion happens as quickly and effectively as possible to keep development delays to a minimum.

Breakdown of services

  • Supply of certified level 3 electrical designs
  • Supply of NBN approved designs
  • Liaising with energy authority
  • Supply and installation of pad mount substations
  • Conversion of overhead to underground power
  • HV and LV works
  • Cable jointing
  • Supply and installation of the entire electrical reticulation including service pits and pillars & streetlight
  • Supply and installation of NBN pit and pipe works
  • Final commissioning of subdivisions