JLE Group’s dedicated electrical division specialises in electrical services and supplies for underground mining, tunnelling, civil construction and rail industries across Australia. Our highly skilled and efficient team offer expertise and electrical solutions that reduce costs, minimise downtime, and increase productivity.



We can hire you a substation or sell you one. JLE Group is one of the largest substation manufacturers in Australia with a huge hire fleet for the mining and tunnelling industries and a fast turnaround on substations. Whatever your type or requirement, JLE Group can build it for you at a very competitive price.


HV Temporary Power

  • Hire substations and cabling
  • Lighting boxes
  • Network connections
  • Installation and HV termination starters

Gate End Boxes and Starters

  • JLE Group manufacture a whole range of 1,000V starter boards, distribution boards and gate end boxes for hard rock mining and tunnelling industries.
  • Boards are AS / NZS 2081 compliant and are manufactured to AS / NZS 3439
  • Boards will be manufactured to AS / NZS 61439 by 2020
  • Including; jumbo starters, pump starters, single and twin fan starters, 6 way DB’s and 4 outlet gate end boxes.

Switchboard Manufacturing

JLE Group design and manufacture a wide variety of AS2081 compliant electrical switchboards and substations, 1,000V and 415V starter boards and distribution boards. We also provide full support including spare parts, installation and service.

Electrical Products for Hire and Sale

Our qualified electrical and communication engineering personnel offer a broad spectrum of specialised services including; drafting, detailed design and engineering, protection studies, electrical engineering and design, management plans, auditing and compliance, and we ensure your project complies to the highest regulatory requirements.

Construction and Project Work

Our multi-skilled team of Project Managers, Project Supervisors and Project Electricians are experienced in the delivery of complete electrical and instrumentation projects, from design and installation through to commissioning and handover. No project is too big, too small, or too remote.

Electrical Labour Hire

We provide solutions for fixed, short or long-term labour hire, and offer multi-skilled and highly qualified electricians (e.g. instrumentation, highvoltage, mill and underground), site supervisors, and complete crews. Our team operates in every state of Australia and is available for any site and any roster for mining and tunnelling.

Training Cable Exchange and Repairs

We supply all types of trailing / rubber cable for the mining and tunnelling industries. From 35 – 150mm 241.1 1000V cable to 11kV TBM cabling.