Extensive high voltage services

  • HV switching
  • Qualified and experienced in High voltage bolted couplers and adapters
  • Trained and experienced HV Terminators and jointers covering all your termination requirements including GIS switchgear through to Pole top terminations
  • Terminations and joints of XLPE and paper lead cables
  • XLPE to paper lead crossover jointing
  • Onsite permanent and temporary substation installs
  • Experienced in multiple termination types and brands including but not limited to Raychem, NKT, 3M, Nexans, Elastimold, ABB, Elcon Megarad

Dedicated testing and commissioning

  • HV cable testing and commissioning services (Kyoritsu 3128, HVA60, HVA28TD)
  • 3 phase Secondary injection on protection relays (omicron CMC356, Dobel F6150A)
  • HV Substation testing and commissioning services including transformers, CTs, VTs cables and all aspects of your system
  • HV equipment new install and routine testing services
  • Primary injection testing (omicron CPC100 + CB2)
  • Cable fault location (EZThump12, Kyoritsu 3128, HVA60)
  • Power quality recording and analysing (Fluke 435)
  • Dissipation factor, tan delta, power factor measurement (Omicron CPC 100 & TD12)
  • Infrared thermography (FLIR P640)
  • Transformer oil filtration and analysis
Man using a High Voltage Switchboard