Project: Lady Cutler Sports Field Lighting

Lady Cutler Sports Field Lighting

Client: Dubbo Regional Council

Value: $250k

Completed: 2017

Project Description:

JLE were successful in being awarded the contract to complete the lighting upgrade works at Lady Cutler Oval - Dubbo.

Works included the augmentation of existing MSB and supply and installation of new control DB’s, all the civil works which included the excavation installation of conduit for electrical & comms as well as installation of all new sub-mains.

JLE installed a lighting system of 200-lux, a professional system with luminaries being mounted on 25 metre poles around the playing fields. JLE also carried out the installation of the spider control system which provides the Dubbo Regional Council options in operational capacity. This system also allows for remote control of the lighting.

These works were carried out successfully during the on-season when the fields were in full use. The ability of JLE to adapt to these demands showcases our flexibility and commitment across all work conditions.